it's not really about the milk - but then again it is


Public Parties

You can easliy upload your party by putting in a name dragging the pin on the map to the appropriate location.


Private Parties

While we are very happy about uploads of public parties, we would like to emphasize another feature: publishing private parties. Think you are having a party but there is still to much beer in the fridge because some of your friends did not how up. Now you would like to invite more people to your party, but you are reluctant to post your address publicly on Facebook or Twitter. Bad things have happend in the past after a party has gone viral. What to do?
Here comes the milk: You can now protect and publish you party at the same time. When uploading your party as a private party you can decide who gets to see your address. People will have to request an invitation and you can choose who you want to invite.


Social Login

Signing-In is as simple as it gets. You can use your facebook-, twitter- or google-account to login. We will not post anything to your account. Although it surely would be tempting!